La Quinceañera

Photography by Suzanne Eliel

In 2012, Suzanne Eliel accompanied the La Farge Family on a trip to Mexico to photo-document La Quenceanera de Paola Sosa.

La Quinceanera was held on June 16, 2012 in San Martin Mexicapan, Oaxaca.

Paola is a daughter of Arturo Sosa Perez, an award-winning tin artisan with whom Patricia La Farge has collaborated for over 40 years.

Paola invited Patricia La Farge to be her Madrina, and subsequently Patricia and Grant became Paola’s padrinos. The photographs presented below are just 31 selected by Suzanne from over 1,000 images and videos taken over the course of several days preceding and including the quinceanera mass and celebration.