Online Shop Policies

Thank you for your interest in purchasing one or more items from the La Farge Foundation’s online Gift Shop. By clicking the “Accept” button below, you agree to the following policies:


If you order an item and it is no longer available, you will be notified and your transaction will be reversed with your full purchase amount refunded to the credit or debit card account you used to make the transaction. If you order an item that is available, it will be packed and shipped by the following Saturday at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time to the shipping address you specify on your order. If we encounter delays in meeting this shipping deadline, you will be notified by phone, text, or email.


You may pay for your purchase using any major credit or bank card accepted by Square, Inc. If using a credit or debit card is not convenient for you, please call Sarah Heartt at 505-699-4688, and we will arrange an alternative method of payment. You may be asked to pay for your purchase before we ship or deliver.


We ship to all U.S. states, the District of Columbia, U.S. commonwealths, U.S. territories, and land owned or managed by Native American tribes or other natives of the U.S. Orders are shipped through the U.S. Postal Service using Priority Mail Flat Rate packaging whenever possible. The rates to ship Priority Mail Flat Rate packages change over time and will be adjusted in our system as they change.

If you order two items, the shipping charge for the larger of the two items will apply. If the shipping charge for both items is the same, you will be charged only once. For example, if both items involve a $9.50 shipping charge, you will be charged $9.50 only once. If you order three or more items, we may have to bump the shipping charge higher than the default charge for the largest item.

Some items available through our online Gift Shop require non-standard packaging and may cost more to ship. If you select one or more items requiring custom shipping, we will contact you by phone, text, or email to determine the most convenient, reliable, and affordable shipping arrangement for you. We will debit the same credit or bank card account you used to pay for selected merchandise for custom shipping.

Pick-up and Delivery

You may prefer to pick up your purchase at the foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To select this option, click the button next to “Pick-up” and provide a phone number. We will call you to arrange a pick-up date and time. Large orders ($150 plus) may be delivered in Santa Fe County, Bernalillo County, and points in between.


If you see something offered through our online Gift Shop that is close to what you are looking for but not quite right, please call Sarah Heartt at 505-699-4688. Our inventory is quite a bit more extensive than we are able to show on our website, and there is a good chance we have what you want or need. This includes product variations and larger quantities available.

Special Orders

The foundation is accustomed to assisting wedding and party planners with the design and production of table decorations, cake decorations, party favors, thank you gifts, etc. We would be delighted to work with you on an upcoming event. Call Sarah Heartt at 505-699-4688 to schedule a consultation


We do not accept returns by mail. However, you may return an item (or items) in person for shop credit to the foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please call Sarah Heartt at 505-699-4688 to arrange in-person returns for shop credit.

Items Damaged During Shipping

If your order arrives broken or damaged, please take a photo of the item(s) and the packaging. Text the photo with your order number to Sarah Heartt at 505-699-4688. We will do our best to replace damaged item(s). We will issue a credit to the credit or bank card account you used to place your order if we cannot replace those item(s). You will not be billed a second time for shipping. We will follow-up with the U.S. Postal Service.


The Patricia Arscott La Farge Foundation for Folk Art is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) entity, and we are not required to charge sales tax on Gift Shop merchandise.

Problem Resolution

In the realm of online shopping, or online anything, there is always the risk of disappointment. If you feel disappointed, call Sarah Heartt at 505-699-4688. Sarah will work with you to address your concerns and resolve your problem equitably.

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